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Facilities | Terms & Conditions

Dear Guest,

Thank you for considering Fernivy for your stay in Pretoria. This document serves as a basic introduction to our facilities and services, rules and practices.

Since we are supported by distinguished guest we place a premium on decorum.

Your hosts
Alain & Caroline

Terms and Conditions (Rules and Practises)


1. Check-in & Check-out
2. Keys
3. Rooms
4. Safe
5. Pool & Jacuzzi
6. Bar
7. Pinball
8. Exercise
9. Gautrain
10. Shuttles
11. Water & Ice
12. Internet/WiFi
13. Meals
14. Restaurants
15. Breakfast
16. Telephone
17. Parking
18. No Smoking Rule
19. Satellite TV
20. Visitors
21. Indemnity
23. Pets
24. Public-services and behaviour
25. Access right reserved
26. Cancellation Policy
27. Gratuity

1. Checking In and Out

At your check-in you will be allocated a room and requested to sign the register and a basic indemnity agreement. Check-in is from 14h00 on day of arrival and check out is before 10h00 on day of departure. Please arrange with us if this is not convenient and please notify us if you are checking in late so that we can make arrangements to receive you.

2. Keys

On your arrival you will be given a room-key as well as a remote control for the front gate. All rooms have outside doors so that you can come and go as you please. Please remember to leave the keys at reception when you depart or drop them in the mailbox at the gate.

3. Rooms

All rooms are equipped with a bathroom, air conditioning, fridge, TV, microwave oven, crockery, a kettle, and a steam machine for getting rid of creases in your clothes, and a small personal safe.

4. Safe

In the room you will find a safe for your valuables. Operating instructions are available on a laminated sheet nearby. An override key is available from Marguerite should you forget your code.

5. Pool and Jacuzzi

From your room you will have a view of the pool and Jacuzzi. Feel free to use it at your own risk. Your consideration is asked for other guests. FernIvy’s guests are mainly professional or business people who have serious commitments in the day and appreciate quiet evenings.

6. Bar

An “honesty bar” is operated upstairs next to the patio. Guests are welcome to serve themselves from the bar and the fridge. Just note your purchase in the cash sale book provided for your room and it will be added to your account. You will find a price list herewith at the end, or on the counter in the bar.

7. Pinball

A Gottlieb Spirit pinball machine dating from 1972 is available for your amusement in the bar. Apart from looking at it and reminiscing it is sometimes even in working order! (Know of anyone who can service it?)

8. Exercise

A Treadmill, Power Plate and massage chair is also available in the bar. Early morning or evening jogging to the Union Buildings can be done. Ask Marguerite about different routes and distances. A Virgin Active Gym is situated next to the Gautrain station.

9. Gautrain

The Gautrain stops at Hatfield. From there it is a 40 minute journey to Sandton and Rosebank. Allow at least an hour and a half to get to the Oliver Tambo Airport, as you have to change trains at Marlboro and might have to wait for the connecting train.

10. Shuttles & Taxi

South Africa is not well served by the taxi business. Minibus taxi’s are downright dangerous for those inside and outside of them. We can help you get a metered taxi but they are not always available. To and from the airport you can make use of the Gautrain, or a shuttle service, which we can arrange for you.

Shuttles:  Day tours:
City Shuttle – 082 773 7823
Manyunyu Tours – 082 451 7967
PS Tours – 012 565 4246
Ulysses – 012 6530018
Corporate Tours – 082 450 6088

11. Water & Ice

Your fridge is provided with bottled water. Filtered drinking water is available at all hours in the water cooler in the bar. Tap water is also perfectly safe for drinking.
Ice is available in the ice machine in the bar.


Currently we are able to provide this service for free at a 10mg speed. We kindly request that no oversized files or photos be downloaded as this will compromise the speed as well as the ability to offer this service for free. Kindly request at reception for a personalised code or voucher.

13. Meals

The rooms are equipped to facilitate take away orders. Business people sometimes take take-aways from restaurants when they eat out. There is also a take away service that delivers food from many restaurants. You will find a menu in your room. Quote the telephone number 012 342 72 82, when asked. When ordering, please allow ample time for your convenience. They advertise a turn-around time of 45 min, but have on occasion, taken longer(or shorterJ). We do not generally provide meals, other than breakfast, but will assist in specific instances and by prior arrangement

14. Restaurants

In the Hatfield and Brooklyn area there are many restaurants, bars and clubs. Just nearby on the corner of Eastwood and Pretorius Streets is a small mall were you will find Café 41, with a diverse menu and Harries with a mainly pancake based menu. Further down Eastwood Street is Eastwood Tavern, and Trademarx at Loftus, popular with the rugby supporters and sports fans

15. Breakfast

Breakfast is served in the dining room behind the front office from 7 – 9, weekdays and from 8 -10 on weekends. For Sunday there is also the option of a “breakfast basket” consisting of yogurt, fruit, fruit juices, buns etc. which will be delivered to your room. Breakfasts are individually prepared so the staff we will usually ask you when can you be expected, but do not feel obligated to arrive at a specific time.

16. Telephone

Cell phones have become so popular that a landline is almost unnecessary. It does however sometimes still serve a purpose for overseas guests. If you want to phone out, you will be given an individual account code that can be used from any extension. Dial #9 code, and then the number.

Incoming calls will be relayed up to 10pm.

Internal calls

Room 1 101
Room 2 102
Room 3 103
Room 4 104
Room 5 105
Room 6 106
Room 7 107
Room 8 108
Room 9 109
Reception 100
After hours 110

17. Parking

We try to accommodate all our guests’ cars inside. You can help us by parking diagonal to the garden wall and by making best use of the available space. Please park up close to the wall as somebody else will have to reverse by behind you. If you have a large motor vehicle please ask us to make a special allocation.

18. No Smoking

By law the entire building is a smoke free zone. We have made ample provision for sitting outside. You can also feel free to make use of the patio

19. Satellite TV Reception

All the rooms are provided with a satellite decoder offering most news and sport channels. If you wish to follow a program that is not available on your decoder we can put it on in the pub.

20. Visitors

Mainly because of the logistics involved, such as limited parking, visitors are not encouraged at any time and definitely not permitted after 21h00. If you do receive a visitor, please advise us beforehand and have them announced at the front office.

21. Indemnity

Safes are provided in every room for your personal valuables and larger items can be stored in the other safes and your baggage can be left with us in safekeeping. But while everything possible is done to ensure the integrity of your property we cannot accept responsibility for goods left on our premises. Neither do we accept liability beyond our limited insurance cover for accidents. Use caution when using the stairs, gates, parking area, tiled surfaces and the pool and Jacuzzi as these are potentially dangerous. We normally don’t accept children under 12, and if we do on special request, it is at your own risk.



  1. Every guest room has a door leading outside.
  2. Beside the door as you come in there is a hook for your keys.
  3. Please hang your room keys on this hook if you lock your door. That way the door can be opened with the master key from the outside in the event that you are indisposed, and it is easy for you to find the key and exit in case of fire.
  4. Assemble in the parking area in front of reception.
  5. There are signs indicating the emergency escape routes.
  6. Next to this notice, you will find a plan layout of the building for you information. In brief, it shows all the room leading out onto an outside passage. The passage leads in a T shape to the front garden.
  7. Do not attempt to move through or enter the house. Follow the passage, which will also be lit in the event of a power failure.
  8. Fire fighting equipment is available as indicated. Only use the equipment if it can assist you and other guests to evacuate the building. Do not attempt to fight the fire. Your safety is our first concern

Emergency lighting:

  1. Each room has and emergency light that will come on automatically if the power supply is interrupted. Please do not use these lights for any other purpose.
  2. There are also emergency lights on the stairs that will come on if the power supply is interrupted.

Smoke detectors:

  1. Each room is equipped with a smoke detecting device. It actually is triggered by a shortage of oxygen, more than the presence of smoke.
  2. Each detection device has its own built in alarm. In the event of the alarm going off, please exit as quickly as possible, and report to reception. In the event of the battery being low, it will emit a repeated “beep”, but this should be a very rare occurrence as the batteries are replaced regularly.
  3. Ordinary cigarette smoke is not likely to trigger the alarm. By law all public places (which includes guest houses) are smoke free zones. Apart from that, if a room is smoked in, it is very difficult to get the smell out again. All rooms have access to outdoor seating and ashtrays, which you are welcome to use. Please assist us in this regard. The penalties have to be enforced as it is necessary that the room is left empty and open after it had been smoked in.

Emergency numbers

  1. Quatro Security 0861277277
  2. Hatmed Medical Centre 012 362 7180
  3. Electricity 0801 111 556
  4. Police (if all else fails) 012 366 1735
  5. Fire Dept 012 358 2111
  6. Caroline 068 236 5544
  7. Alain 079 353 3324
  8. ARRA 082 653 5191 (Arcadia Residents Association – Linda Tyrrel)

23. Unfortunately no pets allowed

24. Public Services&public behaviour

Your comfortable stay is our priority but we cannot be held responsible for matters beyond our control. We apologize beforehand for interruption of water, electricity, and Telkom services as well as inconsiderate public behavior outside our premises that can cause disturbance.

25. Access right reserved

26. Cancellation Policy



Please note that rates are subject to change without notice


We are proud to introduce a very capable and friendly team in Tryphina,Efraim,Damaris and Betty.Your comfortable and enjoyable stay are their first priority.
You are welcome to leave them a gratuity if you wish.
It is always highly appreciated but definitely not compulsoryJ
As not all of the staff work the same shift I friendly request that you hand it over to me at reception to distribute equally between them.You are welcome to mention it to them before you check-out,so that they can thank you personally.


Fernivy is listed in the world wide respected site www.tripadvisor.com where some of our guests have published favourable reviews about us. In line with the adage: If you are not satisfied with anything TELL US. If you are satisfied with everything TELL EVERYBODY! We would appreciate it if you would consider honouring us with a favourable review.

We appreciate your patronage and trust you will enjoy your stay at FernIvy!

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